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Living with a Roommate

A successful roommate and suitemate relationship is one based on communication and compromise, and this holds true if you’re living with friends or strangers. We encourage everyone going into any roommate relationship (regardless of how much experience you have in sharing a room, or how long you've known the person) to do some prep work before move-in.

  1. Share basic information about yourself, and be open minded to what your new roommate is sharing with you.
  2. Talk about what everyone is going to bring to the room, keeping in mind that your room is not huge and you’ll be sharing the space.
  3. Discuss how your expectations about sharing belongings, noise, guests, and anything else you feel will be important in your room. Don’t be shy—the more you discuss these things up front the less likely they’ll become issues later.

For a Pre-Roommate Agreement Worksheet click image above.

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