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Rivers Staff

Community Bio: Rivers Consists of Buist and Rutledge residence halls. Buist is a reletively small close knit community. It is also the colleges only building with communal bathrooms and is female only. Rutledge is a newly renovated upper classman residence hall that fosters community building through suite style living. 

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Kaniyah Bell

Buist-Rivers Second Floor RA

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Undecided

Hobbies: Eating, watching Netflix

Campus involvement: Black Student Union, Collegiate Curls

How Best to Reach Me: Knock on door, Groupme App

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Charlise Page

Buist-Rivers Third Floor RA

Year: Junior

Major: Exercise Science

Hobbies: Playing bass, going on adventures, studying anatomy

Campus involvement: Student Ambassadors

How Best to Reach Me: Phone call, Text, Email, Knock on door, Note under door

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Destiny Hunt

Buist-Rivers Fourth Floor RA

Year: Sophomore

Major:  Exercise Science

Hobbies: hanging out with friends

Campus involvement: Student Ambassador

How Best to Reach Me:  Phone call, Text Email, Knock on door, Note under door

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Julia Funovits

Rutledge-Rivers Second Floor RA

Year: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education

Hobbies: Binge watching Newflix and photography

Campus involvement: Greek Life (Phi Mu) and photography club

How Best to Reach Me: Text, Email

Deja' Burwell

Rutledge-Rivers Third Floor RA

Year:  Sophomore

Major:  Political Science & Sociology Minor: African American History

Hobbies: Anything that makes me feel alive

Campus involvement: Collegiate Curls, BSU, Gospel Choir

How Best to Reach Me: Phone call, Text, Email

Reilly O'Grady

Rutledge-Rivers Fourth Floor RA


Major:  Minor: 


Campus involvement:  

How Best to Reach Me: 

Lyric Richardson

70 & 72 Coming Street RA

Year: Senior

Major: Special Education Minor: Spanish

Hobbies: Eating, snacking, sleeping, napping 

Campus involvement: Greek Life, Teaching Fellows, Teacher Leader

How Best to Reach Me: Phone call, Text, Email, Knock on door