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Warren Staff

Community Bio: An apartment style residence hall that houses both freshman and upper classman. Warren is actually broken up into three different halls and this allows each building to take on a life of its own.

Ethan Shapiro

1 Warren RA

Year: Senior

Major: English and Secondary Education

Hobbies: Running, writing, fortnite, reading, lauging

Campus involvement: Jewish Student Union

How Best to Reach Me: Email, Knock on door, Note under door

April Williams

10 Warren Second Floor RA




Campus involvement: 

How Best to Reach Me:

Savannah Hayes

10 Warren Second Floor RA  

Year: Sophomore

Major: Exercise Science

Hobbies: Going out with friends and cheering on the Cougs!

Campus involvement: Cheerleading Team

How Best to Reach Me: Text

Krystal Brown

10 Warren Third Floor RA

Year: Senior

Major: Biology

Hobbies: Community service, singing, and hanging out with friends

Campus involvement: S.C.O.P.E. and Honor Board

How Best to Reach Me: Text, email, knock on door

Thomasena Thomas

10 Warren Fourth Floor RA

Year: Junior

Major:  Political Science Concentration: Public Policy

Hobbies:  Teaching baking classes

Campus involvement: Secretary of CofC Save The Children Action Network Club (SCAN), Student Ambassador for office of admissions, Student Ambassador of Save the Children Action Network, Student Delegate for Student Legislature, Wesley foundation, Political Science Club

How Best to Reach Me:  Email

Kiara Townsend

10 Warren Fifth Floor RA

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology

Hobbies: Dance, reading, archery

Campus Involvement: Campus Activities Board

How Best to Reach Me: Phone call, Text, Knock on door

Kimberly Stowers 

20 Warren 

Year: Senior

Major:  Political Science Concentration: Politics, Philosophy and Law Minor: African-American Studies 

Hobbies: Singing and reading

Campus involvement: 

How Best to Reach Me: Email

Ashley Blackwell

20 Warren Fourth Floor RA

Year: Junior

Major: Chemistry and Biochemistry

Hobbies: Painting, kayaking, gardening, playing violin, and reading

Campus involvement: Residence Life, Center for Student Learning - Suppemental Instructor

How Best to Reach Me: Text, Email