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Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees all RHA operations and hold five office hours a week per individual. Each position, with the exception of the Executive Secretary, chairs a committee. Executive Board members also serve as mentors for other Officers in leadership and professional development.

Hall Government (HG)

Each Residence Hall has a Hall Government to represent the voices and feedback of the residents. Hall Government Officers are volunteers and have been elected by residents of each respective Residence Hall. Each Officer serves on an RHA Committee. 


Residents are encouraged to be an active voice and participate in General Body Meetings, Hall Government Meetings, and Committee Meetings. Download the Robert's Rules of Order Cheat Sheet to learn more about participation during periods of discussion or open floor. Residents may serve as a non-voting member of a committee or on an Ad-Hoc Committee.


General Body Meetings: include weekly Executive Board and Hall Government updates in addition to discussion of resident feedback.

Meetings take place weekly in Hawkins Lounge, Rivers Residence Hall. (Near Student Health Services, behind the Robert Scott Small Building).

Hall Government Meetings: include updates for each respective Hall Government, including upcoming programs, and discussion of resident feedback. 

Meetings take place bi-weekly in each respective Residence Hall at a location specified by the Hall Government.