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RHA Structure

Hall Council Leaders

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Bery Hall Council Chair 

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Craig Hall Council Chair

George Hall Council Chair

Kelly Hall Council Chair

Liberty Hall Council Chair

Kaysha Spinger

Lodge Hall Council Chair

McAlister Hall Council Chair

McConnell Hall Council Chair
Rivers Hall Council Chair
Warren Hall Council Chair


Hall Council Advisors

Berry Residence Hall - Rebecca Hogge, Professional Residence Hall Director

College Lodge - Elizabeth Stafford, Professional Residence Hall Directors

Craig Residence Hall - Kaiya McGhaw, Graduate Residence Hall Directors

Liberty Residence Hall - Brandon Wilkins, Professional Residence Hall Director

McAlister Residence Hall - Joe Vallee, Professional Residence Hall Director

McConnell Residence Hall - Colin Frazier, Graduate Residence Hall Directors

Rivers Residence Halls (Buist and Rutledge) - Elizabeth Stafford, Professional Residence Hall Directors

Warren Residence Hall & Kelly House - Tyese Medford, Professional Residence Hall Director

RHA Affiliations

South Carolina Organization for Residential Education, SCORE


South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, SAACURH


National Association of College of University Residence Halls, NACURH