RHA Structure

Hall Council Leaders

Bery Hall Council Chair 

Craig Hall Council Chair

George Hall Council Chair

Kelly Hall Council Chair

Liberty Hall Council Chair - Kaysha Spinger

Lodge Hall Council Chair

McAlister Hall Council Chair

McConnell Hall Council Chair

Rivers Hall Council Chair

Warren Hall Council Chair


Hall Council Advisors

Berry Residence Hall - Rebecca Hogge, Professional Residence Hall Director

College Lodge - Elizabeth Stafford, Professional Residence Hall Directors

Craig Residence Hall - Kaiya McGhaw, Graduate Residence Hall Directors

Liberty Residence Hall - Brandon Wilkins, Professional Residence Hall Director

McAlister Residence Hall - Joe Vallee, Professional Residence Hall Director

McConnell Residence Hall - Colin Frazier, Graduate Residence Hall Directors

Rivers Residence Halls (Buist and Rutledge) - Elizabeth Stafford, Professional Residence Hall Directors

Warren Residence Hall & Kelly House - Tyese Medford, Professional Residence Hall Director

RHA Affiliations

South Carolina Organization for Residential Education, SCORE

Website: https://www.facebook.com/SCResidentialEducation 

South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, SAACURH

Website: http://www.saacurh.nacurh.org 

National Association of College of University Residence Halls, NACURH

Website: http://www.nacurh.org