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Job Descriptions

Job Description: Resident Assistant (RA)

  •  Facilitate development of community by creating opportunities for residents to interact.
  •  Serve as an appropriate role model by following policies and procedures; accepting and completing assigned responsibilities, and encouraging participation in campus activities.
  •  Foster a positive and cooperative environment.
  •  Initiate disciplinary action when necessary.
  •  Work with residents to mediate issues and concerns.
  •  Participate in a rotating oncall duty schedule for the residential living system.
  •  Attend all staff meetings, one on one meetings, training sessions, and in service programs as scheduled by Residence Life and Housing.
  •  Assist in the opening and closing of the residence halls/houses at the beginning and conclusion of the academic year and vacations. This may require duties during holidays and college breaks.
  •  Work at the main information desk weekly.
  •  The RA is expected to discuss with their RHD any additional employment, and upon evaluation will need to gain approval from his/her Residence Hall Director before entering into such dual employment.

Job Description: Desk Assistant (DA)

  • Responsible for workinga minimum of 15 hours per week.
  • Must check identification of all residents and guests as they enter the buildings.
  • Be alert, attentive, and pay particular attention to safety monitors while at the desk.
  • Distribute, collect and assist in completing notices, reports, forms and mail to students, as requested by supervisor(s).
  • Attends training sessions, desk staff meetings, and building staff meetings as assigned by the Department of Residence Life.
  • Responsible for assisting with staffing the desk during respective clsings and openings, as well as breaks. 
  • Interacts with Residence Life and Housing staff, College personnel, and residents in an open, constructive manner. 
  • Assists in the disciplinary process by knowing, communicating, and enforcing the policies and procedures of the Department of Residence Life.
  • Carries out information desk responsibilities and certain other administrative and clerical tasks as assigned by the RHD and/or ARHD in accordance with the DA Manual.