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FAQ for Student Staff Positions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Resident Assistant (RA) Position





Q: “Will the RA position benefitial to me?”

A: There are two different sides to this question. If you are willing to work hard, learn about yourself and others on staff and challenge yourself with new experiences, then it is most certainly worth it. If you only want the RA job for the money and housing discount, then it may not be worth the time and emotional effort that you need to put forth. If you put 100% of yourself into this job it will benefit you in so many ways, some of which you will not recognize for years to come. Being an RA is not just a job, but a life experience. (back to top)

Q: “Do I have to stay in my building all the time?”

A: No, but you do have to spend an ample amount of time on your floor in order to build relationships with your residents and be able to address individual needs. The only time you are required to stay in the building is when you have an ‘on call’ shift. These shifts happen once every week or every two weeks depending on the size of the staff you work with and are from 8pm- 8am. (back to top)

Q: “Do I have to stay up all night while on call?”

A: No. You are required to be in your building from 8pm-8am and respond to any situation that the PSO (Public Safety Officer) calls you about. The calls can range from noise complaints, visitation violations, to helping a Hall Director deal with an emergency situation. (back to top)

Q: “Do I have to work on weekends?”

A: Yes. RA’s are required to work major weekends such as: move in, move out, check out times and other major events that go on (open house and accepted students day). RA’s are also required to work 10 desk hours every pay period so there is a chance that you may have a couple of hours on the weekend depending how your staff works the schedule out. Just know that it is very easy to go away for a weekend even if you have weekend hours. Other RAs will step up and help a fellow RA. (back to top)

Q: “Can I have another job?”

A: This is up to your direct supervisor who takes into account: grades, time management skills, and of course how much time this other job will take up. Bottom line - the RA job will always come before another job. (back to top)

Q: “May I Student Teach while being an RA?”

A: Unfortunately we cannot allow those who will be student teaching to hold a position as an RA. Even though student teaching is school-related, it usually requires 30-40 hours per week. (back to top)

We have found that it is very hard to balance 30-40 hours of student teaching and the responsibilities of an RA.


Q: “Can I apply to be a resident assistant in a specific hall?”

A: You can request to work in a specific hall on campus but ultimately it is up to the selection committee to decide where you would fit best. We base our decisions on your interview and personality. (back to top)

Q: “I currently live on campus and would like to live on campus again even if I do not get the RA position, should I apply for housing?” 

A: Yes. If we do not select you to be an RA and you wish to still live on campus next year you should apply for housing in the spring along with all the other students (information and instructions at If we hire you as an RA we will simply switch your housing deposit over to the room you will actually be living in. (back to top)


Q: “Do I get my own room?”

A: Yes, although you will be required to share a bathroom and a kitchen (if applicable) with suitemates. You even have the option of requesting suitemates. ** Residence Life does reserve the right to assignment RAs a roommate if on-campus space is limited.** (back to top)

Q: “When will I get paid?”

A: If you turn in all your new hire paperwork on time then you will start to get paid during RA training. Paychecks go out on the 15th of the month and the last day of the month. (back to top)

Q: “How will I receive my housing discount?”

A: The housing discount is credited to your account. You will see the discounted amount on your bill. (back to top)

Q: “What is the pay scale like?”

A: Resident Assistants currently receive compensation in the form of a housing discount and $5,000 which includes Front Desk hours, meetings, and administrative work.  A timesheet is submitted bi-weekly for compensation (back to top)