Residence Life

67 George St
Our office is conveniently located at 67 George St
on the corner of Glebe St. and George St.
and next to Stern Student Center. 

We work alongside our partners Campus Housing and Campus Services, which oversees all contract, assignments, and billing aspects, as well as Facilities Management which oversees all maintenance, custodial, and facilities issues. Students with questions pertaining to these matters should visit Campus Services HQ at 162 Calhoun St (next to Chick-Fil-A).

The Department of Residence Life believes that there is "something for everyone" in respect to learning outside the classroom.
Residents have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of residence hall, community service, social, developmental and educational programs. During the school year the Resident Assistants will follow a Community Development Model developed by the Residence Life Leadership Team. This model is centered on teaching students the concepts of positive citizenship and the value of involvement.


The mission of the Department of Residence Life is to create engaging, supportive, and inclusive communities that foster academic achievement, personal development, and student involvement.



  1. Foster an engaged residential community defined by involvement, contact, and learning through residential programming.

Students who are involved in community living are more likely to remain in campus housing and at the college. Reaching students early and creating an inclusive residential community is crucial to student success at the College. 

  1. Increase student accountability to community standards and encourage personal responsibility as it relates to conflict management and adhering to residence life policies.

Developing a sense of personal responsibility and respect for community living is crucial to student development. By developing this competency, students will make healthier, more informed decisions related to personal behavior. 

  1. Build a staff defined by higher decision-making skills, a strong connection with the students, and a strong focus on the personal and professional development of student staff.

Enhancing the personal and professional growth of our staff is important to staff retention, the academic success of the staff, and the development of our communities.