Current Residents

Residence Life is happy that you are here with us living on campus and making this your home. We can help with adjusting and navigating campus life, living with others, and getting involved on campus. We work alongside our partner Campus Housing, which oversees all contract, assignments, and billing aspects, as well as Facilities Management which oversees all maintenance, custodial, and facilities issues. 

Please use the navigation below for detailed information about topics like how to use your Wi-Fi, submit a work order, and more. 

If you have questions, please contact us. You're RA is also a great person to contact!


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 Cougar Inclusion Team - Report a concern related to diversity, equity, and inclusion



COVID Guidelines for students living on campus

If you must isolate in place:

  • Talk about how you will isolate in place before anyone is COVID positive. Uninfected roommates may need to move into a common space so that the roommate with COVID-19 can isolate in a room alone. 
  • Plan how to clean shared bathrooms between uses. 
  • Discuss that shared areas will not be occupied by any roommates with COVID-19 during their isolation period. 
  • Plan for roommates who have COVID-19 to isolate together, away from roommates who have not tested positive. 
  • Plan with your roommates or other friends for how you will get meals, go to the pharmacy or get any supplies if you are in isolation. Students in isolation may briefly leave their residence, if they wear a KN95 mask and use social-distancing, to pick up meals or other necessities. 
  • In the case of a fire alarm, even students in isolation must leave the building. Please wear your face covering and social distance from others. 
  • If you have placed a work order for emergency maintenance in your on-campus residence, please remove yourself from the space where facilities will be completing the work, and wear a mask at all times. 


Dining options if you have COVID

If you have COVID and are unable to isolate off campus, you are allowed to briefly leave isolation to pick up food to-go if you wear a KN95 mask. (Dine-in is not allowed.) You have several on-campus dining options that work with your meal plan using a Meal Tap (MT), Cougar Cash (CC), Dining Dollars (DD) or personal credit card (PC). 

Mobile ordering with the Transact app for the College of Charleston:

    • Chick-fil-A (CC, DD, PC) 
    • Einstein Bros. Bagels (MT, CC, DD, PC) 
    • Marty’s Place (MT, CC, DD, PC) 
    • Starbucks (CC, DD, PC) 
  • Already prepared meals (MT, CC, DD, PC) at The Market (back of Liberty St. Fresh Food Co., enter via alley across from Beatty Center)
  • Reusable to-go-box program at City Bistro and Liberty St. Fresh Food Co. (MT, CC, PC) 

For more resources and care information, please visit the Student Health Services Covid-19 resources page