Roommate Agreements

In an effort to encourage students who live on-campus at CofC to take ownership and responsibility for their living experience, CofC Residence Life facilitates the completion of Roommate, Suitemate, & Housemate Agreements as a foundation for successful roommate partnerships. A Roommate/Suitemate/Housemate Agreement is a document that room or apartment members negotiate together at the beginning of each year/semester (or as needed). This tool is intended to promote dialogue and consensus about matters pertaining to living as roommates including, but not limited to:

•  Respect of personal space and property
•  Cleanliness and "chores"
•  Study needs
•  Socialization

About the Process:

We encourage each individual resident to begin with a self-assessment of their values, needs, and preferences. Our Pre-Roommate Agreement Worksheet will guide residents through a series of prompts and questions that correspond to the actual Roommate, Suitemate, and House Agreements. Section 1 is focused on self-reflection, while Section 2 helps prompt discussion between the living partners. Click here to view the Pre-Roommate Agreement Worksheet (pdf) We also have a guide on how to talk to your roommates about living spaces during COVID Click here to view the COVID Conversation Guide (pdf)

Shortly after the residents have arrived on campus, a Resident Assistant will facilitate a meeting between all living partners to complete the Roommate/Suitemate/House Agreement(s). This meeting will formalize the shared values and standards that the living partners have agreed upon. The Resident Assistant will guide the living partners through the Agreement and record the results in a document that will be shared with residents when complete. It is important to know that a Roommate/Suitemate/House Agreement is a living document that can be revised at any time to allow for adjustments and changes. As each member of the room/apartment participates in creating the Roommate Agreement, each member should expect to abide by the contents of the Agreement. 

Note: All decisions must be consistent with CofC Residence Life & Housing Community Standards, the Housing Contract Terms and Conditions, and the Student Code of Conduct.