College Lodge Staff

college lodge

Community Bio: Lodge is a co-ed building housing approximately 200 student with a strong sense of community.  College Lodge features a common game room*; a study room; in-building laundry facilities; a common kitchen; as well as an outside courtyard equipped with a basketball court and cookout area. The game room acts as a community center for the residence hall and there is rarely a time where it is empty.

*Due to COVID-19 precautions, some amenities listed may be unavailable.

Tyson Larkins.jpg

Tyson Larkins

Year: Sophomore
Major: Computing in the arts Concentration: Game Development and Interaction
Hobbies: Playing video games, MMA, hanging out with friends and listening to music
Campus involvement: Residence Life 


Gil Schmitt (he/him)

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Hobbies: Video games, cartoons, and drawing,volleyball, cooking, art
Campus involvement: CRS, CofC Men's Club Volleyball, PRISM

Jessica Plair.jpg

Jessica Plair

Year: Senior
Major: Public Health
Hobbies: Playing the Sims 
Campus involvement: Residence Life 

Patrick O'Reilly

Patrick O'Reilly

Year: Senior
Major: Biology Concentration: Molecular Biology Minor: Chemistry
 Thrift shopping, reading, and exploring the world around me
Campus Involvement: SPECTRA/SCAMP, Mentoring Matters, Hispanic/Latinx Community

Alex Alsheimer.png

Alex Alsheimer

Year: Senior
Major: Computing in the Arts Concentration: Game development and interaction
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, playing video games, videography 
Campus involvement: Software Career Advancement Club and Fandoms United

Paige Claflin.jpg

Paige Claflin

Year: Sophomore
Major: Math Concentration: Statistics 
Hobbies: Being outdoors, kayaking, and cooking
Campus involvement: Residence Life 

Laura Bariou.jpg

Laura Bariou

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology Minor: Religious Studies
Hobbies: Playing video games,educating myself on different types of spiders and arachnids 
Campus involvement:Residence Life 


Maddi Pannell

Year: Junior
Major:Communications Minor: Environmental Sustainability 
Hobbies:hiking, camping, swimming, rugby
Campus involvement: Residence Life 


John Harmon

298 Meeting RA

Year: Junior
Major:Political Science Minor: History
Hobbies:Activism, Visual Art, Creative Writing, Reading, and Music
Campus involvement: Student Government Association, Cougar Activities Board, CisternYard Radio, and Students Helping Honduras