Residence Hall Association

Welcome to your Home Sweet CofC!
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Thank you for your interest in joining Residence Hall Association (RHA)!

RHA exists to represent the on-campus residents of the College and ensure their needs are being met. This includes protecting the rights of residents, providing a voice for the interests’ of students, and hosting social programs to establish a close-knit community. Through these initiatives, the Residence Hall Association is committed to continuously improving the on-campus living experience at the College of Charleston. 

As COVID-19 changes how our residence halls operate, it is more important than ever to have strong leaders in every hall who can help ensure social distancing does not mean our students have to distance themselves from being social or making valuable connections with one another.


RHA also offers leadership opportunities to residents that are passionate about serving others. Any student living on-campus can apply to run for their building's Hall Council, serve on the campus-wide Executive Board, or simply attend monthly town halls in their building to make their voice heard.

To learn more about how to get involved with RHA click here.

Over the past few years, RHA has been able to provide services at no additional cost to the students living in our Residence Halls which include; laundry, toilet paper, Wi-Fi, and trash bags, not to mention the countless enhancements to the amenities of the buildings such as new TV’s, new furniture, outdoor grills, and water bottle refill stations. Any resident can be involved in an initiative by being an officer, attending Hall Government Meetings, General Body Meetings, and Committee Meetings. 

We thrive on seeing students enjoy their time in the Residence Halls, and hope that we can also help you, our resident, to enjoy your time at this school, and to make this your Home Sweet CofC!