Residential Student Rights and Responsibilities

General Rules of Conduct

In all communities, there is a moral code of ethical behavior that binds participants together, and a body of official
rules and regulations that defines personal freedoms and responsibilities. It applies to all members of the
residential living community and is intended to promote an atmosphere of trust and fairness in all residential
spaces and in the conduct of daily campus life. Outlined in this section we have provided the rules and regulations
for campus life as well as the consequences associated with violations of the general rules of conduct.
As part of the residential living community, all students and their guests are expected to:

  1. Abide by all policies and procedures as stated in the Housing Contract, Residence Life Policies & Community Standards, and the College of Charleston Student Handbook.

  2. Understand that ignorance of the policies and procedures found in the Housing Contract, Residence Life
    Policies & Community Standards, and the Student Handbook does not absolve students and guests from the policies and consequences therein.

  3. Residence Life and Campus Housing reserve the right to refer violators of any alleged
    charges/violations to the appropriate campus authority, which may include the Department of Public
    Safety or the Dean of Students.

Listed below are several publications from the College of Charleston. The listed publications contain information about many of the college's policies and procedures.

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