Resident Assistants

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a part-time student staff position within the Department of Residence Life. This position is considered to be an integral part of the College's effort to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of all students living in residence halls and housing areas. The Resident Assistant is also responsible for promoting a positive residential living atmosphere through ongoing community development, social and educational programming, resident contacts and support of Residence Life, as well as College policies. The RA is expected to treat other students, supervisors, guests and fellow employees with courtesy and respect.  The RA will report directly to the Residence Hall Director and is responsible for the Department of Residence Life.

**This position requires availability during nights, weekends, holidays, departmental events, Fall and Spring Break, Residence Hall closure due to weather, and for training before classes beginning for both the Fall and Spring semesters**

Resident Assistants serve in an On-Call rotation during weekday and weekend nights from 8 pm-7 am while Residence Halls are open.


  • All students in good academic and conduct standing will be considered for this position.  Students must live on-campus for at least one full semester before being considered for a position.  
  • Must have and maintain at least a 2.50 GPA
  • Register and maintain have a full class load (12 credit hours per semester)

Time Commitment


Resident Assistants serve in an On-Call rotation in their assigned residence halls while residence halls are open and residents are in the building.  The purpose of the On-Call rotation is: to aid in the safety & security of residence halls, build community, confront possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Residence Hall policies, assist campus officials during incidents, appropriately contact the Residence Hall Director On-Call and Public Safety in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures and Emergency Protocol, and report incidents that happen during the On-Call shifts immediately after they occur.

Desk Hours

Residence Life student staff members (Desk Assistants & Resident Assistants) are responsible for covering the Front Desk of the Residence Hall in which they are assigned while residence halls are open.  Residence Life student staff members must fully cover their Front Desk between the hours of 7:00 am-11:00 pm. 

Administrative Work

Resident Assistants are responsible for accurately completing: Resident Dossiers for each resident in the assigned area, Roommate Agreements (where applicable), Suitemate Agreements (where applicable), Incident Reports immediately after confronting or witnessing a potential Residence Life Policy or Student Code of Conduct violation, Weekly Reports to their assigned Residence Hall Director, Program Proposal & Evaluation forms, Knock & Talk forms, Community Builder Initiative forms, On-Call Reports, Bulletin Board Proposal & Evaluation forms, and any other written follow-up as requested by a Residence Life staff member.


Resident Assistants are required to attend a Weekly Staff Meeting held by the Residence Hall Director in each assigned area.  This time will be set based on the availability of all Resident Assistants in the assigned area and only academic considerations will be given in terms of determining availability.

Floor Meetings

Resident Assistants hold Opening and Closing Floor Meetings with their assigned area at the beginning and towards the end of the semester.  Additional Floor Meetings may be scheduled on a needs basis.


Fall Training: Approximately 7-9 days before classes begin for the Fall Semester (dates announced when available), Resident Assistants are required to be available for all events during Fall RA Training.  This includes evening hours. Training is held from the time that Residents Assistants move into their assigned Residence Hall through Hall Opening. All Resident Assistants are required to assist with Hall Opening.  This includes during times that your Residence Hall does not have assigned move-in times as you will be assisting other buildings.

Winter/Spring Training:  Residents Assistants undergo an abbreviated Training before the Spring semester that commences before Residence Halls open for the Spring Semester.  Resident Assistants are required to be available for all events during Fall RA Training. This training includes evening hours.

Essential Personnel 

Resident Assistants are considered essential personnel and as such are required to assist in the event of an emergency/bad weather/hurricane evacuation. If evacuation is declared, essential personnel will be released after the residence halls close but with enough time for students to get somewhere safely.

Length of Service

The length of service for the Resident Assistant position begins when Resident Assistant move-in to their assigned Residence Hall for Fall Training until one day after Residence Halls close after the Spring Semester.  The exact dates will be shared if you are offered a position.

Current Compensation

Resident Assistants currently receive compensation in the form of a housing discount and $5,000 which includes Front Desk hours, meetings, and administrative work.  A timesheet is submitted bi-weekly for compensation.

Info Sessions

Residence Life staff will hold Info Sessions regarding what it’s like to be a Resident Assistant, answer questions about the application and recruitment timeline, and answer any other questions you may have about Residence Life!

RA Position Description 


We are currently accepting applications for open positions for the current (2022-2023)  academic year and for positions for the 2023-2024 academic year. Please select the application for the year you are applying for. If you would know that you would like to be considered for an immediate start as well as next academic year, please complete both applications.

Applications for current (2022-2023) openings are reviewed and interviews scheduled on a rolling or as needed basis. 

The primary recruitment cycle for 2023-2024 has concluded and all applicants who participated in our main interview process have been informed of their status.

However, the 2023-2024 application will remain open and the department will review materials submitted after the initial interviews on a rolling basis for consideration as an alternate candidate.

Residence Life does maintain an alternate pool or waitlist for RA positions.

Althrough it is difficult to predict when and how many alternate candidates may recieve offers, we have historically had many alternate candidates receive offers and be very successful in the position from year to year. 


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Position Offers

If offered an RA position:

You must:

  • Complete Step One of the Housing Application process, including payment of the application fee and housing pre-payment. Please refer to the Campus Housing website for the most up to date information on the application process and related costs. 
  • Complete New Student Employee Orientation through the Career Center prior to employment if you have not held an on-campus position. 

You will be given the option to accept or decline your offer. If you do not accept your offer by the date designated in your letter, you will no longer be considered for a position.