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Current Residents

Fall Semester Closing Information

Residence Halls Close Thursday, December 13th at 12pm

While it is not necessary to remove all personal belongings for the break, it is strongly recommended that residents take valuables home with them. Residents who are not returning for the spring semester must notify Campus Housing immediately (843-953-5523) and remove all belongings before leaving for break.

Residents not returning in the spring must check out with a Residence Hall Director. Failure to follow posted check out procedures may result in an improper check out fee. For all approved room changes you must remove everything from your previous assignment and take it home before moving into your new space in January. We will not store any items for you.  Remaining roommates in a room with a vacancy must consolidate their belongings and prepare the room for a new roommate next semester. Please leave your space, including common spaces clean and tidy.

Before you leave:

  • Clean your room/bathroom/apartment and remove all trash
  • Close and lock all windows; blinds should be half drawn
  • Unplug all unnecessary electrical devices
  • Refrigerators and other major appliances should remain plugged in
  • Empty all microfridges and full-size fridges – remove all perishable items to avoid spoilage
  • Take valuables and anything else home that you may possibly need over the break. Do not expect to be let back in once the buildings are closed
  • Turn off all lights; close and lock your doors

PLEASE NOTE: Residence Life staff will enter rooms on beginning Thursday, December 13th at 12pm to ensure that closing procedures have been completed and residents have left. Over the break, CofC staff may enter rooms and apartments to inspect for vacancies and to address maintenance concerns.

George Street Apartments, Warren Place, Kelly House, and Historic House Residents are encouraged but not required to leave for break. Residence Life staff will have limited availability.  Public Safety will be available for assistance 843-953-5611.

Health and Safety Inspections

For health and safety reasons, the Residence Life staff will conduct room inspections at the mid-point and
end of each semester.

Courtesy notices will be emailed in each hall/house in advance of room checks. On the designated day,

Residence Hall staff members will check the room for cleanliness, maintenance needs, and item(s) that
are prohibited. Residents who wish to be present during the inspection should contact their Residence
Hall Director in writing prior to the scheduled week of inspections.