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Health and Saftey Checks are Coming up Next Week! 

For health and safety reasons, the Residence Life staff will conduct room inspections next week. Courtesy notices have been posted to provide residents the opportunity to schedule the inspection in advance in order to be present. Residence Life staff will check the room for cleanliness, maintenance needs, and item(s) that are prohibited. Below is a list, it is not all inclusive:

Unauthorized Items

This list is a quick reference for common items that are not permited. If you have any questions about specific items or policies please consult the Guide to Residence Living.

  • Alcohol/alcohol paraphernalia (includes shot glasses)
  • Any combustible items/ Explosives/ fireworks
  • Candles/incense-nothing with a flame
  • Darts and dart boards
  • Drugs/drug paraphernalia
  • Electrically amplified instruments, Drum sets
  • Electric blankets
  • Extension chords
  • Firearms/guns(including BB, paintball, pellet)
  • Grills (including G. Foreman grills, unless your room has a kitchen)
  • Hot plates (unless your room has a kitchen)
  • Knives (other than flatware)
  • Multi Plug outlet (without surge protector)
  • Open Coil cooking or kitchen appliances (Unless your room has a kitchen)
  • Pets (except fish in no larger than a 10 gallon tank)
  • Power tools
  • Space heaters
  • Toaster/Toaster Oven (unless your room has a kitchen)
  • Water beds
  • Weapons


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